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Badger's Brave

"Proud to Serve those who have served."

Many of our Disabled Veterans continue to suffer today because of 

the sacrifices that they made to honor and protect our rights as US 

Citizens.  While we cannot give them back their limbs or relieve their 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder we can make their lives a little easier 

and a little bit more comfortable.


Our Badger's Brave Program is our way of giving back to the people 

that have made those sacrifices, and to say "Thank You" for all that 

they have done for us as a Nation.


$100 from every furnace or air conditioning installation purchased through Badger State Heating and Air Conditioning goes to support our Badger Brave Program.  These funds are then utilized to install a furnace or air conditioning unit for a disabled veteran in need.


In addition, all U.S. military veterans receive a 10% discount on any Residential Service that Badger State Heating and Air Conditioning has to offer.

Please click here to nominate yourself or someone in need.
Badger's Brave
Badger's Brave
Badger's Brave
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